It's a Sunday night and I have so many things I should be doing but instead I've decided to use my time productively and make this list. Which ones have I missed??
  1. Prudence
    Dear Prudence. Sorry but someone's got to be last.
  2. Pam
    Polythene Pam
  3. Clarabella
  4. Michelle
  5. Rocky
    Rocky Raccoon
  6. Martha
    Martha My Dear
  7. Lizzy
    Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  8. Sadie
    Sexy Sadie
  9. Rita
    Lovely Rita
  10. Julia
  11. Lucy
    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  12. Bill
    The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
  13. Nancy
    Rocky Raccoon
  14. Anna
    Anna (Go To Him)
  15. Maggie
    Maggie Mae
  16. Eleanor
    Eleanor Rigby
  17. Jude
    Hey Jude. I LOVE this name. I'd call my kid this whether it was in a Beatles song or not.