1. Yesterday I went to a national demonstration organised by the National Union of Students to protest against the proposed Higher Education Reform Bill.
    The HE Bill will introduce, amongst other things, the Teaching Excellence Framework. The TEF is a way of ranking universities based on the quality of their teaching. Those ranked "gold" will be able to charge students much more than those ranked "bronze". It's incredibly unfair and potentially off putting for students from low income backgrounds (the exact people we want to encourage to go to university!) It's also calculated via a biased and unrepresentative system.
  2. My friend and I joined our uni Labour society at Hyde Park and we marched to the Houses of Parliaments alongside 15000 students, further and higher education staff (and even the Scottish Communist party.)
  3. We walked 2 and a half miles, chanting as we went.
    The communists tried a rendition of "Build a bonfire..." but it didn't go down so well
  4. I was given a placard along the way!
  5. Then we went to a rally where speakers from the NUS and UCU shouted about inequality in education and Tory cuts and the TEF. We all got very passionate and it was great.
  6. It was one of the best things I've done in a long while. The speakers rallied against inequality in education but also anti-immigrant rhetoric, the rise in hate crime post Brexit, even racism and antisemitism in the US!
  7. It felt good to put my anger and disappointment into positive action. And to know that many, many more are feeling the same way.
  8. The HE Bill will be debated in parliament this Monday and I hope, maybe a little too optimistically, that we will have made a difference.
  9. And if, for some reason, any British final year uni students are reading this, you should seriously considering boycotting the National Student Survey (NSS) if the HE Bill gets passed!
  10. The NSS is one way in which the TEF is calculated, so essentially students are controlling how much tuition fees they will be paying in the future.
    Boycotting the survey will send a message and produce a knock on effect for other damaging HE reforms.
  11. For more info about the boycott, see the NUS website: nus.org.uk/nssboycott
    If you're a uni student but not final year, you can still get involved with organising the boycott
  12. ❤️ I love education ❤️