Inspired by @alanarogerrrrs and her NZ list! NW England represent ✌️
  1. Buzzin
    Excited, stoked
  2. Proper
    Really, very. As in "I'm proper buzzin for tonight"
  3. Dead
    Same as above ☝
  4. Chuck/duck
    Term of endearment. As in "thanks, chuck"
  5. Cock
    Term of endearment, believe it or not. As in "Alright, cock?"
  6. Our kid
    Close friend or sibling. I almost never hear my uncle get called by his real name because he's always "our kid"
  7. Mither (pronounced like m-eye-ther)
    Bother. As in "stop mithering me!" or "I can't be mithered"
  8. Sound
    Great, cool
  9. Wool
    Scouse term for anyone from the surrounding area outside of Liverpool. Like me 🙋
  10. Jib
    Finish something, leave something. As in "I jibbed off school"
  11. Gaggin
  12. Strop
    Tantrum, as in "Our kid's throwing a strop and I can't be mithered"
  13. Keks
  14. Pissing it down
    Raining heavily
  15. Pissing about
    Messing around, causing trouble
  16. Fannying around
    Wasting time, being generally unproductive
  17. The Backs
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    The alleys at the back of terraced houses- like this. When I was a kid I'd play out in these with my friends, but when it was dark it was terrifying 😱