Requested by @BWN_7
My 200th list! I love this topic, and @BWN_7's story was so lovely.
  1. There are plenty of childhood memories I'd love to relive but this is one of the first that came to mind
  2. I was around 8 years old and a huge football fan
  3. My dad's greatest love is Manchester United, so naturally I've been a fan since birth
  4. He was so excited that, as his only child, I was interested in football
  5. He bought tickets for our first match at Old Trafford
    United vs Charlton Athletic (yes they were in the Premier League at one point)
  6. (I still have the shirt I was wearing)
  7. (And here's the best part)
    My surname is Mulholland in case this makes no sense to you 😂
  8. We drove to my auntie's house in Altrincham and then took the tram from there to Manchester
  9. The tram was full of United fans. My dad was teaching me chants and telling me about matches he'd seen as a kid.
  10. We walked down Busby Way with hundreds of other United fans, which is the greatest and scariest sensation for a little kid
  11. When we finally got to the stadium, I was - to put it into Mancunian slang - absolutely buzzin
  12. I'd never seen so many people all at once
    Plus my dad had bought me a giant hot dog and I am easy to please
  13. We sat in the Stretford End and sang along with the chants and shouted (PG friendly) abuse at the referee
  14. And we won 2-0
  15. I'd relive it not just because it was a fantastic experience for me but because I think it meant a lot to my dad that I loved it so much
  16. He didn't know his dad as a kid and he used to go to United matches by himself or with friends
  17. So I think it meant a lot that he was finally able to take his own kid ☺️
  18. I barely follow football anymore which upsets my dad enormously. But I'm glad I have those few matches as memories with him.
  19. Glory glory Man United... ❤️⚽️