Nothing particularly complex or deep - just some stuff that will always cheer me up 😊 (I have no idea if this title makes grammatical sense but I'm gonna run with it)
  1. TV:
  2. The Simpsons - Lisa The Vegetarian
    You don't win friends with salad, you don't win friends with salad
  3. The Simpsons - Lisa On Ice
    I ❤️❤️❤️ Lisa episodes
  4. Parks & Rec - April and Andy's Fancy Party
    Sweet and funny, this episode is exactly what Parks and Rec did best 😍
  5. Parks & Rec - Telethon
    I read somewhere that this was the closest Parks and Rec came to being a "live action Simpsons" and that just describes this episode perfectly
  6. Malcolm in the Middle - Rollerskates
    I will never not find this funny
  7. Films:
  8. Napoleon Dynamite
    @vmacies gets it
  9. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
    These two movies were my life as a kid
  10. You've Got Mail
    Or any Nora Ephron movie really
  11. Clueless
    Young Paul Rudd will make any day better
  12. Wayne's World
  13. Pride
    The definition of feel-good. I recommend it to everyone because I don't know anyone that's watched it and not loved it.
  14. Music:
  15. C'est Chic - Chic
  16. Coming Home - Leon Bridges
  17. Smile - Brian Wilson
  18. Misc:
  19. Debbie Downer Disneyland sketch
    Amy Poehler talks about this in Yes Please and she's right, it is impossible not to feel uplifted after watching this
  20. The Office bloopers
    No explanation needed