1. My mum wearing a pirate hat blowing out the candles on her caterpillar birthday cake
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  2. Me not quite getting the leaning tower of Pisa photo right
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  3. One of my favourite The Office moments ever
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  4. A cute lil penguin at Chester Zoo
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  5. Having a coffee in Amsterdam North
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  6. Quotes at the European Parliament in Brussels
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  7. Me, my brother, sister and mum ❤️
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  8. Wristbands at Leeds Festival 2014
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  9. Me and my sister with our 10k medals
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  10. A Polaroid of me and my friends on a beach in Italy ❤️🇮🇹
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  11. My dad on a camel
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  12. A Haim gig (I'm in that crowd somewhere!!)
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    We're saying fuck you to a band who were bitching about Haim on Twitter and ended up playing a gig in the venue across the road from us!