Oooh this was a fun list to make! I spent way too long actually researching these places because I am procrastinating like crazy
  1. Amsterdam
    This was the first place that came to mind. I visited with my family when I was 11 and I became obsessed. I wrote all these stories about myself living in Amsterdam and whizzing round on my bike and eating pancakes (every 11 year old's dream). I went back last year and it was just like I remembered! I just can't speak any Dutch yet.
  2. Beaune
    I went on a French exchange programme to Beaune and, whilst the town itself is lovely, I would really just like to live with my host family because they're some of my favourite people ever. Plus I had the best sleep of my life there. 😴
  3. Boston
    I've wanted to live in the U.S. as long as I can remember but I've never really been set on one particular place. It seems like every other person on List App has some connection with Boston and those lists have pretty much convinced me that I'd like to live there.
  4. Athens
    Georgia, not Greece. I am kind of basing my decision off this Instagram and one documentary I watched about REM and the diner which had the motto "Automatic For The People" that inspired the name of their album. But still it looks like a fun, unique place with lots of pretty architecture!
  5. Mexico City
    I just really really really want to visit Mexico.
  6. Manchester
    One of my favourite places. I know it so well and I seriously considered going to uni here. It would be a great place to live in- it feels like a small city but with so much to do.
  7. Edinburgh
    Another uni I applied to and loved. I could walk around this city for days, it is so picturesque. And Scottish people are the loveliest.
  8. Kefalonia
    Prettiest place I've ever visited. Also, Greek food is my life.