Inspired by @annalara's first list!
  1. Paris, France
    With my sister and cousin. Walked around the city for hours every day and did a lot of shopping.
  2. Disneyland Paris
    First time I've ever been to a Disneyland and it was MAGICAL ✨ Was more excited than most of the children there.
  3. Brussels, Belgium
    With my parents. Stop #1 on our summer holiday. Saw the famous Mannequin Pis, drank a lot of Belgian beer.
  4. Ghent, Belgium
    One of the prettiest places I've ever been. Saw a film set with Adrien Brody!
  5. Antwerp, Belgium
    Went through an underground tunnel under the river that led to the other side of Antwerp where we got this beautiful view.
  6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    My second time here. Saw lots of museums, ate a lot of pancakes.
  7. Amsterdam North, The Netherlands
    Probably my favourite part of the whole holiday. We took a ferry to Amsterdam North and hired our bikes to cycle around these picturesque little villages. Ate fresh shrimp in a local tavern and more pancakes.
  8. Edinburgh, Scotland
    I'm applying for uni here so we went to look at an open day. Also went to see Glasgow but I took no photos because it rained all day.