Inspired by @annalara's first list!
  1. Paris, France
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    With my sister and cousin. Walked around the city for hours every day and did a lot of shopping.
  2. Disneyland Paris
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    First time I've ever been to a Disneyland and it was MAGICAL ✨ Was more excited than most of the children there.
  3. Brussels, Belgium
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    With my parents. Stop #1 on our summer holiday. Saw the famous Mannequin Pis, drank a lot of Belgian beer.
  4. Ghent, Belgium
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    One of the prettiest places I've ever been. Saw a film set with Adrien Brody!
  5. Antwerp, Belgium
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    Went through an underground tunnel under the river that led to the other side of Antwerp where we got this beautiful view.
  6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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    My second time here. Saw lots of museums, ate a lot of pancakes.
  7. Amsterdam North, The Netherlands
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    Probably my favourite part of the whole holiday. We took a ferry to Amsterdam North and hired our bikes to cycle around these picturesque little villages. Ate fresh shrimp in a local tavern and more pancakes.
  8. Edinburgh, Scotland
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    I'm applying for uni here so we went to look at an open day. Also went to see Glasgow but I took no photos because it rained all day.