I saw a 'thread' on Twitter called 'shit I don't understand about England' yet the person kept referring to Brits and Britain??¿¿
  1. Before I start, I'm sure most of you List App lovelies are aware of this and if you're not, I forgive you, it's ok ❤️
  2. England = this little place here
  3. It is not the same thing as the UK. There are other countries in the United Kingdom.
  4. Great Britain = the island of England, Scotland and Wales
    The one in blue
  5. The UK = Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Look someone even labelled the countries for us!
  6. Britain and The UK = ok to use interchangeably 👌
    Brits/ British is all good
  7. Just don't forget the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish!! I'm English and this annoys me so I can imagine it annoys them too
  8. And while we're at it, the Republic of Ireland is not a part of the UK!
  9. It's a long, complicated history between Britain and Ireland but ROI is a completely separate country (politically at least) to both Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK
    They have a separate government and currency
  10. Although I should note that many Northern Irish people refer to themselves as Irish (or Northern Irish) rather than British - this is a personal thing and they have the option to identify as either nationality on passports, official forms etc
  11. So:
  12. Talking about England or English people specifically? England/ English = 👍
  13. Talking about anywhere outside of England/ someone that is Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish? England/English = 👎
  14. Hope this was helpful and not just me being whiny 😘🇬🇧❤️