Requested by kviii


British tourists are some of the absolute worst. I am so sorry to all these beautiful parts of the world that we have ruined.
  1. Ibiza
    You probably went to grammar school and drive a Range Rover but ever since you watched Skins you've been, like, super into drugs and house music. You go clubbing but only in, like, an ironic way.
  2. Ayia Napa
    You're Scottish.
  3. Zante
    You saved up for two weeks here by working Saturdays in New Look. You've probably watched all 3 Hangover movies and think Nigel Farage just "tells it how it is". Very similar but not to be confused with..
  4. Magaluf
    You regularly read and share The Lad Bible on Facebook. You still watch The Inbetweeners. Your money is split between buying whey protein and tank tops. #SHAGALUF
  5. Benidorm
    You've time travelled from the 1980s.
  6. Amsterdam
    There's a very strong probability you're white with dreadlocks. You were your high school drug dealer. You probably go by a nickname and regularly tweet Bob Marley quotes.
  7. Marbella
    You're rich and from Essex OR you've spent too much time watching TOWIE #nocarbsbeforemarbs
  8. Sunny Beach
    You're trying to get on to the TV show Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents?? This is the only logical reason I can think of for choosing to holiday here