North West England represent.
  1. The people
    People from the North are without doubt the friendliest people in the country. We love talking. Getting on a bus is like a social occasion.
  2. The food
    Chips and gravy, anyone? I had my first 'southern' chippy dinner and had to settle for curry sauce. 💔
  3. The slang
    Dinner = lunch. Tea= meal you have in the evening.
  4. The music
    The Smiths, Oasis, Happy Monday's from Manchester. The Beatles from Liverpool. Joy Division from Stockport. Even my own town has its own amazing music culture - Ian Brown is a local hero.
  5. The regional pride
    We are all in agreement that the North West is the best. We can tolerate Yorkshire and the North East. Anything below Birmingham is the dreaded South. 😉
  6. The weather
    Just googled this and found that we have "the most average weather in the UK". Go average!!!!