This list is just me talking about myself, I'm really sorry 😁
  1. Reason 1: I recently posted this list about an interview I was invited to at a uni in London
  2. I had the interview last week
  3. And yesterday I received an email saying I'd been offered an unconditional offer??!!
  4. If I accept, which I am seriously considering, I would only have to get a pass in my exams in order to go to uni
  5. I loved the campus and course and obviously I'd love to live in London so it's all very exciting 😄😄
  6. Reason 2: I have a week off college
  7. Once I've sent off a piece of coursework on Monday, I will have a week with no plans
  8. All I can think about is how much I'm going to sleep 😍
  9. And I might even be able to finish The West Wing season 6 eeeeep
  10. Also, I changed my profile picture
  11. Because it's Valentine's Day soon so why the hell not
  12. ✌️✌✌✌
  13. Hope you all have a great weekend!