The nativity play was a BIG thing at my primary school. It wasn't a faith school but give a bunch of kids time off school to act, sing and dress up in costumes and it's the most exciting thing in the world. (Is this just a British thing btw?)
  1. Donkey
    Yeah this usually went to a boy because for some reason they found this role hilarious. I feel like girls were much more ambitious with their role selection.
  2. Shepherd
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    I was a shepherd a few times. It meant you had no lines and had to wear a tea towel on your head, because that's what shepherds wore at this time apparently? (I'm also wearing some beads in this photo for no apparent reason)
  3. Star
    Cool costume but no lines since you were just used as a prop to guide the wise men
  4. Innkeeper
    Maybe an underrated role. You only had one line that was just a different variation of "no room at the inn" but it was still pretty important.
  5. Wise Men
    You got a pretty sweet costume (a crown?!) and got to carry gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus? Winning
  6. Angel
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    The Angels had pretty costumes and usually got to sing. I was only an angel once because my singing voice is the type that ruins school performances. (Here's me looking v unimpressed as an angel)
  7. Narrator
    This was my forte. When we did it in the church we got microphones to say our lines and I was in my element.
  8. King Herod
    The ultimate bad guy. Kinda gruesome for a bunch of primary school aged kids though. Like I'd be worried what the teachers thought of you if they cast you in this role.
  9. Angel Gabriel
    He didn't sing but he was in charge of the other Angels and got to announce the biggest lines in the play. I'm pretty sure this always went to a boy so I never even had a chance 💔
  10. Mary/ Joseph
    This was the dream. I never got the part of Mary and I'm still pissed. You were the stars of the show. Sure, baby Jesus was important but he was just a doll. Mary and Joseph had loads of lines, sometimes a song, and once even a costume change!! Also, once they finally got a place to stay in Bethlehem they got to sit down for most of the play. Dream role.