Happy Mother's Day UK lovelies 💘💘 celebrate your grandmas too!!
  1. The story of how her dad became the first Irishman to be served in their local pub
    Irishmen were banned (??!) because they had a bad reputation from when they were navvies on the ship canal
  2. The story of how her dad made said pub buy in Guinness for the first time and the village went crazy
  3. The story of the 'beautiful baby' contest she entered my uncle into (and won) at her church even though she "doesn't believe in those things"
  4. The stories from when she lived at the Boat Stage
    My nan was one of 11 kids and the only council house big enough for her family was an old inn next to the canal in her village. It was knocked down in the 60s and she misses it a lot.
  5. The story of how she nearly became a nun but "loved the fellas" too much
  6. My nan isn't a typical nan but she is a great story teller 😂❤️