One of my favourite things about where I live is the music culture. These are bands/artists I grew up listening to and that are a huge part of our region. Most are from Manchester and Liverpool, some from Warrington, Stockport, Macclesfield etc.
  1. I made a Spotify playlist if you want to check it out:
  2. The Beatles
    Of course I had to include this one. It's hard to escape The Beatles and the impact they had on popular music, especially where I live. My best friend even lives in the house John and Cynthia Lennon lived in (for a few months). Every time I visit I ask her which bedroom she thinks was his, like a crazy person
  3. The Smiths
    Another classic and my personal favourite. Morrissey's witty, poetic lyrics and Marr's music skills were the perfect balance. Their songs are embedded in the culture of Manchester.
  4. Oasis
    The Gallaghers were and always will be cultural icons. A parka and Adidas trainers are still in the wardrobes of pretty much every guy (and girl) I know, even this many years later. And their music is pretty brilliant too. Noel vs Liam is still a decisive issue.
  5. The Stone Roses
    From my hometown!! Well, Ian Brown at least. One of the coolest bands to come out of the late 80s Manchester scene; their debut album was an instant classic. Brought back 60s psychedelic vibes perfectly balanced with Ian Brown's front man charisma.
  6. Joy Division
    Love Will Tear Us Apart was voted the second greatest song ever by NME so I'll let that speak for itself
  7. Happy Mondays/ Black Grape
    I'm including these as one because they are both the projects of lead singer Shaun Ryder. Happy Mondays were one of the most popular bands of the Madchester era - I loved them as a kid because of one of the band members, Bez, whose only job was to dance in the background and play maracas.
  8. The Charlatans
    One of the only 90s bands on this list to still be releasing great music.
  9. The Courteeners
    Hugely popular at the moment - they played a sell out gig at Heaton Park this summer.
  10. The Beautiful South
    My dad's favourite. Their sarcastic band name sets the tone for their often sardonic and cynical lyrics.
  11. Miles Kane
    Former frontman of The Rascals and member of The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner. Maybe a little too Beatles-esque but hey this is a list about music from the north west so I'll let him off.
  12. Elvis Costello
    A beautiful songwriter with an impressively long career.
  13. Take That
    Yeah I'm talking about Take That. They are the classic boy band - how could I leave them out?!
  14. The Verve
    Not a personal favourite but I can't deny their impact. And Bitter Sweet Symphony is a tune tbf.
  15. Blossoms
    Very cool new band from Stockport. Not heard much from them yet but I'm excited for their debut album.
  16. The Wombats
    My favourite band from my indie kid days. Saw them this year at Leeds and it was pure, beautiful nostalgia
  17. Cilla Black
    Mostly famous for her TV work, Cilla had a brilliant music career in the 60s after being discovered by Beatles manager, Brian Epstein. I love her big ballads.