Needlessly dramatic titles are my thing
  1. I've now heard back from all of my university choices
  2. I got 5/5 offers and I feel so happy (and incredibly lucky)
  3. But what do I choose?? How do I decide? Can I go to them all?
    I've narrowed it down to two so far (the UK system means I will have a back up, unless I take my unconditional offer)
  4. QMUL
    ✅ I've got an unconditional from here, I like the campus and I love the degree. ❎ I don't know a lot about East London and it's not a well known uni, generally
  5. UCL
    ✅ One of the best universities in the country, a well respected History department, cool diverse student body, right in the centre of London ❎ Huge number of students and campus spread out across Bloomsbury, I'm worried I will get lost in the crowds (literally and metaphorically)
  6. How do you make this decision? Any factors that you considered when choosing a uni?
  7. I tend to go with my gut a lot and when I first went to QMUL it felt like a place I would enjoy
  8. BUT I was so surprised that UCL offered me a place because it was my most ambitious choice and now I'm thinking I should try and go for it???
  9. Plus I went to look around again yesterday and, although it was huge and a little overwhelming, I was impressed by the department. It seemed much more intimate and personal than I was expecting and it WOULD be fun to live in such a central location.
  10. And also I was a little bit in love with the admissions tutor
  11. Basically I am a hugely indecisive person
  12. H e l p