1. The sound of motorbikes/mopeds etc
    When I was a kid, I was really ill on our holiday to Egypt. I remember lying in our hotel room in Cairo listening to the street below and feeling soothed by the sounds of people talking and the buzz of motorbikes.
  2. Browsing through book shops or music shops with no intention of buying anything
    I'm usually a spender rather than a saver so when I know that I have nothing to buy (and usually no money to buy it with), it's actually a huge relief. Plus I love being around books and records.
  3. Old timey horror movies
    I watched so many horror films in high school that watching them now makes me feel all nostalgic. I like the classics rather than newer, psychological ones because I'm not brave enough for those 😂
  4. The smell of cigarette smoke
    Ok I don't condone smoking, it's an awful habit and I have no intention of ever taking it up but, like I'm sure it is for many people, the smoke is a familiar smell. My driving instructor has a faint smell of this and it makes me feel more relaxed when I'm driving??
  5. This was a weird list I'm sorry 😬