I work weekends at a sandwich shop which means lots and lots of carbs 😍🍞
  1. The customers
    Almost every person I serve is kind, friendly and understanding. In my first few months when I was very slow and clumsy (ok I'm still clumsy), every customer was so patient. Now I know some of the regulars and can have great conversations with them. People are the best.
  2. The staff
    Both my bosses and the people I work with are lovely and helpful. Compared to my old job, my bosses are saints 🙌
  3. The food
    Self explanatory but working in a sandwich shop means I get to eat great sandwiches for my lunch. Today: pastrami, Swiss cheese, dill pickle and spinach. 😍
  4. My walk to work
    I set off at about half 8 and, because it's a Saturday, my town is very quiet and I get to listen to podcasts in peace. In winter it's even nicer because I get to wrap up in a coat and scarf too.
  5. It's not my old job.
    I used to work week nights and weekends in an amusement park thing. I was never properly trained, my bosses were horrible and I got paid minimum wage to work 12 hours shifts with a 10 minute break. I cried after almost every shift and left without getting a reference. (Sorry if this sounds really whiny and you have much worse working conditions than me, feel free to vent at me if this is the case)