aka Lists I Love Reading
  1. Books, movies, music, pieces of art
    I love hearing reviews of pretty much anything. I love getting recommendations from friends and hearing why they love/hate something so much
  2. Their hometown/country
    What do you love about it? What do you hate? Has it changed who you are as a person?
  3. Their kids
    Yes most people don't like this but, as a teen, it's not a conversation I have a lot. Tell me all about the funny things they do!!! Show me cute things they've made!!!
  4. Their name
    Maybe a weird one. I love hearing why somebody has the name they have. I love hearing what names they like/ what they want to call their kids
  5. Their experience with religion/spirituality
    Are you religious or spiritual? Have you always been this way? I don't practice and I have a complicated relationship with religion (#catholicfamilyprobz) so I like hearing people who are more certain in their beliefs (religious or not!!)
  6. Their studies
    Especially if it's something they're passionate about! Even if it's a subject I don't personally find interesting, being passionate about it will automatically make me want to listen