A Valentine's Day love letter to my new home and the real light of my life: London 🇬🇧💕
  1. Our tiny cramped kitchen that overlooks a tower block and a Greek restaurant and is always full of way more people than we can comfortably accommodate
  2. Impromptu protests in my university's main quad
  3. Seeing little kids in their uniforms going to or from school on the tube
  4. Free museums
  5. My walk to work on a Sunday morning when everything is just a little quieter than usual and half of the shops aren't open yet and I'm still sleepy and I can smell coffee and pastries
  6. The Bowie memorial on Brixton Road
  7. Our passionate and brilliant mayor
  8. The maintenance man in my building who sings to us in Spanish every time he comes to our flat
  9. Spotting the blue plaques
  10. Eating Bibimbap in Soho after a cinema trip
  11. Foyle's bookshops
  12. Night buses when everyone's a little tipsy and every person you meet is instantly your best friend
  13. Drinking coffee in the squares and gardens in Bloomsbury
  14. Primrose Hill
  15. The terrible club on Oxford Street we go to every Sports Night despite telling ourselves every time, "this will be the last time we go here!"
  16. Using the BT Tower to work out our way home on nights out
    A true guiding light
  17. Southern Indian food from Ganapati in Peckham
  18. The reading room with the sofas in Senate House library
  19. 💘 and most importantly, all of my beautiful friends 💘
  20. Static
  21. Static
  22. Static
  23. Static