Inspired by @nantea first list! (This has been in my drafts forever) DON'T DO THIS GIRLS OR GUYS - be tru 2 urself 💘
  1. If this guy ever read this my secret would be out 😅 soz hun
  2. Jason Segel
    I mean I like Jason, Freaks & Geeks IS one of my favourite shows. Would I say I'm a fan of him?? Not really
  3. Kraftwerk
    I tried, I really did
  4. Guitars
    They look pretty and obvs I love music but I just don't know anything about them
  5. Breaking Bad
    Not my thing
  6. Hating on reality TV
    I LOVE crappy reality TV. Like I live for Take Me Out. This is the one that pained me the most.
  7. Also, something I definitely didn't pretend to be into: he once asked if I believed the IRA (?!) was justified in what they did
    Dude, no?!! They set off a bomb in my town, why on earth would I support that??!!! Also why are we talking about this in the first place?
  8. Ok this just turned into reasons why he was a tool
  9. Yet I still follow him on all social media
  10. Because I am weak willed
  11. I'll stop before this gets really embarrassing