Just writing this list is making me cringe 😅
  1. Taking pictures of myself on strangers' phones
  2. Going on a trampoline
  3. Sending snap chats to the guy I used to see
    Look how much fun I'm having!!!! Let me send you 500 blurry photos of me and random people I've just met!!!
  4. Talking way too loudly at bouncers, security people etc.
  5. Dancing alone on a dance floor/in someone's kitchen whilst people watch
    Bonus points if it's a 'dance off' (amazingly I have done that before)
  6. Painting my nails
  7. Painting someone else's nails
    I have done this way more than you would expect
  8. Mixing leftover drinks into a 'cocktail'
  9. Sliding down the stairs
  10. Engaging people in feminist discussions
    Feminist discussions are a great idea, unless it's 2am and you're struggling to form coherent thoughts
  11. Literally anything involving social media