2. Jules et Jim Soundtrack
    I watched this at college and had Le Tourbillon in my head for days afterwards. Searched for the soundtrack and found a perfect album to work to!
  3. D.D Dumbo
    A new find - thanks for the rec @michael_circa91 ❤️ Another great soundtrack for revision.
  4. New stuff from the Last Shadow Puppets
    Current single 'Bad Habits' and the new album expected in April 😱 all my dreams come true
  5. River - Ibeyi
    Recommended by a friend. Parisian/Cuban based sisters who produce beautiful, mellow music 😍
  6. Bad Blood - Nao
    I'm seeing Nao live in April and I CAN'T WAIT
  7. Featuring lots of Bowie 💔
  8. TV:
  9. The West Wing
    Still making my way through it! I've already decided it's one of my favourite shows ever. I'm on season 5 currently and, whilst it's not the best season, it's not as bad as I was expecting. (Also I am OBSESSED with this scene from season 4)
  10. Brooklyn Nine Nine
    One of the only shows currently on TV that I've been keeping up with. Season 3 is just as funny as the others, if not better. Scully and Hitchcock make me laugh so much.
  11. Endeavour
    I absolutely love this show, a prequel to the Inspector Morse series. Each episode is around an hour and a half which I think is a great format for TV to work with. The latest season wasn't my favourite but the finale made up for it - I was sobbing 💔. Also I REALLY fancy Shaun Evans in those 60s suits.
  12. FILMS:
  13. The Way Way Back
    This film was ok (apart from this uncomfortable prolonged scene where older guys perved over girls in bikinis 👎) but Allison Janney's performance was incredible. She is such a brilliant comic actress 👏
  14. Birdman
    No I haven't been living under a rock, I just never got round to seeing this film when it was in the cinemas ok!! I finally watched it this month and it got me thinking about film and art in so many different ways.
  15. BOOKS:
  16. Emma - Jane Austen
    Only the second Austen book I've read and I'm loving it so far. Kinda wish I'd watched Clueless after reading it though because now I can't help but read it in Cher's voice.
  18. In Our Time - BBC Radio 4
    A group of academics discuss different topics each week, hosted by Melvyn Bragg. They're about 50 minutes long which is the perfect length for my walk to and from college. This month I've listened to ones on Frida Kahlo, Jane Eyre and Weber's Protestant Ethic. Makes me feel v cultured.
  20. Adrian Bliss
    I'm not big on YouTube culture but I loved catching up on this guy's "Vlogvember" which is basically a huge piss take of daily vloggers. Very funny. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnN2bBxGARv7HS7cUsAUdfgPhKBnoUIKA
  21. MISC:
  22. Truffle Collection heels from ASOS
    I wore these for a friend's birthday meal in Liverpool and they were surprisingly comfy. I love the look of them but the thick heel meant they were perfect for a night out. Also featured in my drunk list from that night