Ok where did April go
  1. MUSIC:
  2. Carrie & Lowell
    I thought it was about time I sat down and listened to a full Sufjan Stevens album since List App is pretty much the Sufjan Fan Club and all I can say is THANK YOU @michael_circa91 @lesleyann
  3. Family Hahas - Everything All At Once
    Great revision music for me. Should I do a list about music I like to revise to? Would people be into that?
  4. Ultralight Beam
    I'M OBSESSED. Still not over this shitty album cover though.
  5. TV:
  6. Community
    I binge watched all six seasons in 2 weeks when I should've been revising for mock exams. WORTH IT.
  7. FILMS:
  8. Dum Laga Ke Haisha
    If you have Netflix, watch this film!! The male character in this is a huge dick for most of the movie but it's worth watching for the ending alone. Plus its English title is "Heave Ho, Carry That Load" which is hilarious.
  9. MISC:
  10. Jeremy Corbyn on Snapchat
    I live for these arty photos.
  11. List App Confetti
    The best part of the update by a mile
  12. Swistle Baby Names
    I saw a comment from @femme_feminist about this baby naming blog and it is weirdly addictive. I spent almost an hour reading through the posts. Parents send in queries about their baby naming process and the blog owner (who btw is hilarious) helps them choose a name. So good.
  13. This from @vmacies
    I love this so much I want to frame it