2. Sleater-Kinney
    I've been in the mood for Sleater-Kinney all month. I've listened to their debut, Dig Me Out and The Hot Rock back to back whilst working.
  3. RAT BOY
    Maybe a poor man's Jamie T but I'm loving his indie-inspired pop music (or pop-inspired indie? who knows) right now
  4. Nothing Like This - Blonde, Craig David
    Craig David is back and I am LIVING FOR IT
  5. TV:
  6. The People vs. OJ Simpson
    Holy shit this is some good TV. I am constantly in awe of Sarah Paulson and her performance.
  7. Billy On The Street
    Comedy Central have just started showing this over here! My sister and I talk about it constantly
  8. Gogglebox
    I've loved this show since the very beginning. Giles and Mary are my absolute favourites ❤️❤️❤️
  9. FILMS:
  10. Brooklyn
    I'm OBSESSED and not just because of Emory Cohen
  11. Whip It
    I have no idea why I didn't watch this earlier because it's pretty much everything I like in a film. I loved the nicknames of the Hurl Scouts- personal favourites were Bloody Holly and Rosa Sparks
  13. The West Wing Weekly
    What else? I only finished the series a couple of weeks back and I'm already itching to rewatch
  14. MISC:
  15. This poll
    Ha ha ha suck it Piers
  16. 'Why on earth did I take shared parental leave?' by Johnny Davis
    http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/mar/27/shared-parental-leave-johnny-davis An insightful and non judgemental look at the unpopularity of shared parental leave by a magazine editor who took time off after the birth of his daughter. My dad was my main caregiver as a kid, whilst my mum worked, so I love reading anything about this subject. Highly recommend!