2. My Summer 2016 PlayLi.st
    Definitive proof that Listers have the best music taste, but we already knew that right? SUMMER 2016 PLAYLI.ST
    @lame suggested one of their songs, Dairy Queen, for the Summer playlist and it is 👏 such 👏 a 👏 tune
  4. Brand New - I Am a Nightmare
    Whenever there's anything new from Brand New, my inner pop-punk pre teen escapes and goes crazy for a while
  5. Coloring Book - Chance The Rapper
    I love this album and Chance so much that I even spelled colouring wrong on purpose
  6. TV:
  7. Louis Theroux
    The great love of my life has returned to the BBC for 2 documentaries, one on brain injuries and one on alcoholism, and as usual they are thoughtful and insightful
  8. FILMS:
  9. Sisters
    Watched this with my sister and could not stop laughing at the Bobby Moynihan character
  10. BOOKS:
  11. The Colour Purple
    @shanaz said this would be a movie that I would cry at and, whilst I haven't watched the movie yet, when I found the book in my house I had to read it! Finished it in 2 days and wept the whole way through - you will experience every form of emotion when reading this book. Can't recommend it enough.
  12. Walk With Us: How The West Wing Changed Our Lives by our very own @bookishclaire
    The perfect book for any TWW fan! I absolutely loved the chapter on romantic relationships - I want to find a Bartlet/Bartlett too 😍
  13. MISC:
  14. @mallofamanda's Mom Cam in the Minivan
    Technically I only found out about this like an hour ago but I had to include it because I was cracking up at the tampon talk. Plus there is something weirdly relaxing about watching people drive and talk??
    For real, it's warm in England??? It actually makes my walks to and from college enjoyable