I've almost done an entire year of these lists so this is pretty much the most committed I've been to anything ever
  1. Kali Uchis
    Why are we not talking about Kali Uchis 24/7???!!!
  2. Lizzo - Coconut Oil
    Features Good as Hell and Worship, two of my favourites of 2016.
  3. Tony Bennett - The Beat of My Heart
    I'm just now introducing my flatmates to my love for Tony Bennett. Apparently this is not the music 18 year olds are into?
  4. Paris Geller
    I'm sorry guys, the actual Gilmore Girls (including Emily) are the worst. The revival has only confirmed this for me. Paris is the greatest thing about the show.
  5. Clara Amfo
    When I get dressed in the morning, I ask myself one question: what would Clara wear?
  6. The Crown
    Yes, yes it is hypocritical of me to dislike the royals but love this show, let me live alright
  7. Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada
    I'm so behind on reading since I started university so I'm not giving this the attention it deserves - so good so far though
  8. Owning your okayness
    This week I went to a mental health/CBT training session at the community centre I volunteer at. We learnt about striving for perfection and how aiming for average can sometimes lead to much better all-round results in your life. The session was aimed at helping the children we work with, but I actually felt so much better after it! Owning my okayness is my new motto. 💪❤️