1. American Football LP2
    I've feel like I've been waiting on this record my whole life tbh.
  2. Golden Boy - Elf Kid
    My flatmates must be bored of this song because I play it approx 10 times a day.
  3. Sofar Sounds
    Mystery gigs in mystery locations. I went to one in someone's living room in Camden. Got to see some live music and nosey around someone's house - literally my idea of heaven.
  4. Race For The White House
    A documentary series on presidential campaigns. It has the same vibe as those crappy historical reconstructions you used to watch on the TV trolley in high school, but 10 times better. The first episode is especially good, although the interviews with Mike Dukakis left me kind of heartbroken.
  5. Endeavour
    I'm re watching these episodes for maybe the 3rd time. I don't know what it is but something about the combination of the 1960s Oxford setting and classical music is so comforting to me. Highly underrated show.
  6. James O'Brien on LBC
    Especially his interview with Lily Allen about her trip to the Calais migrant camp.
  7. Veggie cooking
    I've barely cooked meat since I came to uni because meat is pricey (and I am lazy.) Send any good veggie recipes my way, if you have them!
  8. Charles Lindbergh
    Ok bear with me. I had to read one of his speeches for a seminar in my US history module and I aimed to do a little bit of introductory research on him. An hour or so later and I was still reading up on this guy and completely ignoring my work. This guy's story is INSANE. Politics, kidnap, secret affairs. He seemed to be an awful, horrible person but go read his Wikipedia page, at least.
  9. Mike's Cafe, Notting Hill
    It's just across the road from the Notting Hill Bookshop and it serves the best all day fry up.
  10. Halloween