Or my region as whole, really. It has its problems but I love where I'm from ❤️
  1. Having a milkman
    This might not be that uncommon in the North but I know southern friends are so confused by this one. I ❤️ having a milkman. Mine's called Derek and he delivers milk and orange juice every other morning on his little milk float, straight to our doorstep (this sounds like we still live in the 1950s)
  2. Rugby League
    Rugby is a HUGE thing in my town. We have one of the biggest professional League teams in the UK. Only thing is League is only played in NW England and everywhere else plays Union.
  3. Cross county pride
    We used to be part of Lancashire, and then we got moved into Cheshire. I feel like Cheshire never wanted us and we still don't quite fit in.
  4. Public transport
    The last bus to my house comes at half 6 on a weekday, 7 on a weekend. If you need to get anywhere after that, you're walking. Seriously though, this is actually piss annoying and SUPER unhelpful.
  5. Pubs
    Again, I think this is a northern thing. We use pubs for directions everywhere. "I used to live by the Stag" "I'll meet you at the Red Lion" "My friend lives opposite the Thorn"