Yesterday was the most hormonal/emotional day I've had in a long time so I cheered myself up by thinking about all the things that make me happy ✨💫💕☀️
  1. Lying on my bed and listening to an album in its entirety.
    It can be one I've listened to a million times before or one just released. I love actually taking time to listen to the lyrics and not just singing along (which I do most of the time)
  2. Taking a walk and listening to a podcast.
    Yesterday I walked to college listening to an Eleanor Roosevelt documentary and it was surprisingly calming
  3. Going for a run.
    This year I ran a 10k as a family fundraiser in memory of my uncle and now I've got the running bug (sort of). I usually go when my friend can motivate me to go with her but it feels so good when I finish, even if my face remains tomato coloured for a good few hours afterwards 🍅😳
  4. Watching a movie.
    Duvet + snacks + a film = 😍. Yesterday I watched Back to the Future II (obvs)
  5. Eating something healthy.
    Sometimes you feel like you just need a load of vitamins and iron...
  6. OR eating something unhealthy.
    and sometimes you just really need a takeaway or a roast dinner. Basically any form of food cheers me up
  7. Taking a shower.
    Ok this might sound pretty simple and mundane but taking a long shower or bath always makes me feel better. I love getting into pyjamas afterwards too
  8. Organising my thoughts.
    I used to write in journals a lot but now I can list on here too!! Also organising folders, writing to do lists for college can calm me down and clear my head a bit.