I spent a lot of time on trains recently on my inter rail trip (22 journeys in 17 days). On every journey, I scribbled down my train thoughts. Thoughts on the places I'd visited, people I'd met, things I'd seen. I thought this could be a cool list idea but idk
  1. Munich
    Plane anxiety. Nerves. Independence. Efficient German transport. Beer hall and history. Hostel bar and bachelor parties. American friends. Trump supporters. First dorm room. Traveller vibes.
  2. Salzburg
    Mozart. Bavaria. Art Deco cafes and elderly Austrians reading newspapers. Cups of tea in the rain, overlooking the river. Tiny hostel. Eating dinner on the floor. The Sound of Music and lots of tourists. Decadent gardens. Caught in rainstorms. Wet shoes. Stuffy dorm rooms and political discussions. Steep steps. Breakfast with a view.
  3. Hallstatt
    Picturesque journey. Tiny town. Ferry across the lake. Salt mines. Moody and atmospheric. Fairy tales. Boy Scout groups. Hikers. Chips and mayo by the water. No cars.
  4. Ljubljana
    Quiet Sunday. Bridges and padlocks. Castle views. Searching for a hostel. Irish friends. Card games and wine. French language lessons. 2am chats on the hostel steps. Sleepy and content.
  5. Bled
    Sunshine. Blue skies. Postcard worthy. Calm, clear water. Families and sunbathers. Supermarket wine and takeaway pizza. Thunderstorm. Sunburn. Irish friends, again. Tiny nightclub and dancing security guys. Early morning walks home. Coffee and croissants. Hiking hungover. Lake views from above.
  6. Budapest
    Split city. Tired and moody. Lost at 1am. No appetite. Lazy morning. Hungarian history and pride. Walking tour. Soviet relics. Hippie 'makeover'. Ruin bars and Dutch friends. Fake IDs, fake confidence. Life advice in the hostel. Embarrassment. Laughter. Long breakfasts. Parliament and churches, religion and state. Lost room keys. Found room keys.
  7. Kraków
    Night train and McDonalds breakfast. 24 hours. Pope John Paul. Nuns. Catholic family. 8am, sunshine, quiet. Market stalls. Jewish quarter. Emotional tour guide. Ghetto. Anger. Regeneration, moving on? World Youth Days. Catholic teens. Protests. Italian food in the square.
  8. Prague
    Painted ceilings. UNESCO hostel. Naps. Waiting at the train station, finally reunited. Long talks. Forgetting restaurant closing times. Charles Bridge at night. Nightclubs and 80s hits. Lost voice. Statues and art installations. Vineyard. Picnic in the park.
  9. Berlin
    Late night sight seeing. Long meals. Grecian architecture? Living history. Sensitive, open, honest with their past. Wars. Making amends. European Union and European pride. 'Refugees welcome'. Art gallery at dusk. Sitar player at the Dom. German teen romances.
  10. Utrecht
    Canals. Love for Dutch culture. Liberal, tolerant. (Traditional). Pride flags everywhere. Coffee shops, rain, hiding out under trees. Boat trips. Dutch tourists. Pancakes on the terrace. University town. No cars. Last meal together. Sentimental and nostalgic.
  11. Amersfoort
    Bus tour, day trip. Dutch tourists and English translations. Falling in love with a country. Leafy. Medieval walls. Sandwiches by the canal. Leaving too soon.