1. I chose Ted Hawkins, an American singer/songwriter originally from Mississippi.
  2. His stuff is a mixture of traditional folk and blues style songs. His voice is crackly and soulful. His lyrics are often simple but incredibly beautiful.
  3. He worked as a street performer for many years in Venice Beach, CA but went largely unnoticed in his home country (or so Wikipedia tells me)
  4. In the 80s he was approached by a British music agent who invited him to come to England.
  5. He spent a few years touring in the UK and Europe where he was fairly successful until he was forced to leave by the British government. Wikipedia is very wooly about this so I'm not sure what happened exactly.
  6. Some of his most popular songs feature on this compilation which you can find on Spotify
  7. Cold and Bitter Tears
    "I still love you, my darling. But we're lost without you here. I cool the hot dishwater. With my cold and bitter tears"
  8. Sorry You're Sick
    "What do you want from the liquor store? Something sour or something sweet? I'll buy you all that your belly can hold. You can be sure you won't suffer no more." This song is about a guy who is too poor to buy medicine for his loved one - equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking.
  9. Bring It Home Daddy
    "That's my weakness and you know it's the truth, I'm so helplessly in love with you." This one is a bit more upbeat!
  10. It seems his breakthrough came just before he died at the young age of 58 💔
  11. Hopefully you enjoy some of his stuff, if you've not heard it before! I think he deserves more recognition because he was a unique talent and very deserving of the title 'legend'