I'm home from the Lakes where my family rented a house for Christmas. It was so lovely and relaxing (Firstly: the whole of Northern England has been hit by flooding this week so we're incredibly lucky to avoid it. My town is currently on flood alert which is v scary. My heart goes out to everyone who has to deal with this around Christmas 😔❤️)
  1. Took baths in the amazing free standing tub and lounged around in my pyjamas and this dressing gown like I was in a movie
  2. Took photos of the amazing views from the house
    It's raining of course
  3. Read for hours on end
    This one was a gift from my mum. It's a biography of Nancy Astor, the first female MP in the UK.
  4. Took selfies with my lovely sister (my brother avoided this at all costs)
  5. Took ELFIE SELFIES with my sister
  6. Took elfie selfies with the whole family
    Minus my brother ofc
  7. Drove through the beautiful English countryside
  8. Listened to Lianne La Havas on repeat
  9. Tried (and failed) to learn to French/fishtail plait
    My sister's plait is on the left, my plait is on the right, if you couldn't already tell 😂
  10. Watched my dad wear this Santa hat for two whole days
  11. Went for walks (and sat down on benches)
    Hey a photo of my brother! Well, the back of his head
  12. ❤️❤️❤️