This is about to get SAPPY List Sapps
  1. I love that getting to know someone's true music taste is a hugely personal experience
    What song do you cry to when you're sad? Which album makes you want to up and leave and move to another country? What artist do you feel truly connected to?
  2. I love that music people are my people
    When I saw Paramore live, Hayley Williams got a fan up on stage to come and sing with her. The crowd was so excited, like I've never seen a crowd that happy. Everyone was cheering the fan on and clapping. I was SO pleased for this girl, like she was my life long best friend or something. Music people are my people 💘
  3. I love that it helps me connect with my dad
    I disagree with my dad on many, many things but we both agree that there is not a problem in the world that Paul Simon's Graceland can't solve
  4. I love that it gives me confidence
    I know my music and, whilst I'm not a shy person, I love that extra lift a good song can give me. I feel 100x more comfortable at parties when there's a great playlist on.
  5. I love that music can be a history lesson
    As a history geek, I love knowing the context of an album, an artist or a song. I like seeing music progress and change with the times. I like seeing how an era influences music and vice versa.
  6. I love that music is subjective
    I love that people can debate for hours about the best Beatles album (Revolver, always Revolver) or what makes a great pop song
  7. I love that moment when everybody in a crowd knows the song and is singing along
  8. I love those "I heard this and thought of you" recommendations
  9. I love giving those recommendations too
  10. I love that moment where you hear a song for the first time and instantly fall in love
    I remember hearing Alive With The Glory of Love by Say Anything for the first time and playing it over and over until I knew every word
  11. I love taking the train into Manchester and queuing up in the freezing cold to spend a couple of hours in a cramped room with musicians you love
  12. I love that feeling at a festival when the headliner walks on and it's dark and sweaty and muddy and smelly but none of that matters because you've been waiting for that moment all weekend
  13. I love coming out of a crowd with bruises and scratches and wondering how on earth you survived that
  14. I love lying in bed in the early hours of the morning and listening to an album in its entirety
  15. And finally, I love reading about music and hearing people talk about music so thanks for this brilliant group list request @nathanveshecco 👏💘