Requested by @_sarah
Thanks for this request, Sarah! I have hated this entire campaign and I think it's brought out the worst in everyone. That being said, I think it's important to debate this issue because it's so important for us all. I am 1 month and 1 week too young to vote, so I'm relying on you guys 😥
  1. I love Britain
    There is a common misconception that those voting Remain don't 'love' their country. I love so many aspects of the UK and I am proud to be British. I want what's best for our country and, for me, that means being part of a tolerant, economically strong, modern European community.
  2. I love Europe
    I love European culture and I feel European. Although maybe that's because I got indoctrinated when I visited the European Parliament in Brussels and got very emotional on the walking tour??
  3. I hate nationalism
    Just because I love my country doesn't mean I believe it is perfect, in fact it's far from it. Nationalism is outdated and dangerous. The whole idea of the "good old days of Empire" is fucked up. I don't want to see the likes of UKIP continue to dominate political discussion.
  4. I appreciate immigration and I don't believe we're at "breaking point" as a country
    Of course it's possible to have some rational issues with immigration but a HUGE amount of this debate is just thinly veiled racism and xenophobia. The likes of Farage capitalise on people's fears of unemployment, poverty, strain on the NHS etc. (things that have very little to do with immigration, and a LOT to do with government policy). I don't want to let fear and hate win.
  5. (Continued)
    A study from the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE found that more land in Surrey is devoted to GOLF COURSES than housing. GOLF COURSES?!!!! That doesn't seem like a "full" country to me. The North West where I live is very euro-sceptic and sadly that's because we, along with other more economically deprived regions, have seen what feels like an overwhelming increase in immigration whilst the Home Counties have seen virtually no change. That has nothing to do with the EU!
  6. We're not in charge anymore (and that's a good thing!) and we need to accept that
    Again, with the empire thing. A huge amount of dislike for the EU, in my opinion, is that we're not in charge and we don't like it. Even though we are a key player and the EU will be hugely impacted if we leave, that doesn't seem to be enough for some people. We live in an interdependent world today and we can't expect to just "do our own thing" and be ok.
  7. I don't believe leaving the EU will mean we can spend more money on priorities like the NHS
    1) the Leave campaign are wrong to say we'll save £350 million a week (check John Oliver's latest Brexit video for that) 2) who says the money we save will go to the NHS? Michael Gove, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign, is a known proponent of a semi-privatised system. Why should we trust him to spend the money in this way?
  8. And finally, we don't just pay money into the system and get nothing in return. We get huge investment from the EU.
    This month has been the 20th anniversary of the Manchester Bombing - an IRA attack that caused £1.2 billion worth of damage in the city centre. The government gave £450k to the regeneration project. The EU gave £21.5 million. This is just one example that stands out to me but there are so many others like this.
  9. This is probably not the most eloquent or well structured argument, sorry!
    If you managed to read this all, thank you
  10. Honestly I am just completely fed up with both sides of this campaign. I am angry at the bigotry of the Leave campaign and the scare tactics of the Remain campaign. I'm annoyed that the debate is dominated by the Tories and that Labour have been virtually silent.
  11. But it will all be over soon! And hopefully with a more positive outcome for us all 😩🇬🇧❤️