My first job at 16 was at a Halloween themed amusement park in my town and my time there was like the subject of a sitcom, except that I cried every time I came home. It always makes for a good story though!!
  1. No staff training in kitchens, operating rides, handling money
    Unless you count a handbook that we were given on our first day
  2. I worked my first shift in a snack shop with a lovely Polish lady who spoke no English
    We just mimed things to each other and did a lot of polite smiling and laughing
  3. Cashing up our tills at the end of the day consisted of pouring the entire contents of it into a sealed wallet without counting or recording it, which an "accountant" then came and collected
  4. When I was working in the gift shop one day I realised there wasn't a price list. When I told my manager they told me to "guesstimate"
    I sold the same mug for about 10 different prices that night
  5. I worked the 5- half 11pm shift and wasn't allowed a break because it was always "too busy"
    I had to get people to cover for me so I could go to the loo
  6. If you were really desperate for a break you had to radio your supervisor (known as 'spooky supervisor') and tell them on the radio system
    So everyone working there knew if you were needing a wee 👍
  7. The boys were put on car park and haunted house duty, whilst girls were put in the cafe and shops because they were more "suitable" roles
    Sorry I forgot my tiny woman hands are too small to do anything but make sandwiches!!
  8. Every time I collected my cheque it was written to a "Mr Alex"
    And each time I had to go to my manager so they could change it to Miss
  9. Whilst working on the go karts (manning 3 tracks by myself) a kid broke his wrist and was given free tickets as consolation
    Not really worth breaking a bone over
  10. All that for £3.79 an hour 😅
    Ah the joys of the under 18 minimum wage