Inspired by everyone and their welcoming lists for new users! This is long and rambling and I have been debating whether to post this or not but I thought I would put my thoughts out there.
  1. Like a lot of users I joined List App in October last year when it first became public
  2. During my first few days here I was a little confused about the concept/general vibe of the app and why everybody already seemed to know each other
    Turns out that was due to List App Beta
  3. I wrote some lame lists (who am I kidding, my lists are still lame) that rightfully did not get much attention
  4. But I stuck with List/ List App/ whatever you like to call it and I am SO glad I did. Here's why:
  5. Reading lists is by far my favourite form of social media
    I am still partial to Twitter but List is my #1. Listers produce thoughtful, funny, kind, informative, touching, unique content every day.
  6. There is an audience for so many topics
    A quick look at my recently liked lists includes the topics of Eurovision, TV dads, selfies, potatoes and Boris Johnson.
  7. Listers LOVE the app and are proud of the community we're part of
    Lists about List are some of my favourites
  8. List produces real friendship
    Meet ups are the norm and they've happened on 3 continents!! (I believe.) Listers even participated in a Secret Santa at Christmas. Plus my #1 gal @vmacies sent me a gift package just because she's an angel.
  9. It feels great to publish a list and get a good response
    Sure, we all have flops. Like I said, 99% of my lists are lame so I honestly have no idea why I get any likes at all. BUT a trending list feels good and the confetti notification is the best.
  10. It feels great to GIVE a good response
    Like a list? TELL THE LISTER. We love the love.
  11. List is a supportive community
    Got a new job and wanted to shout it from the rooftops about how great you are? List is the place for that. It's also great for sharing more personal, sometimes sad lists, if you feel comfortable.
  12. List is what you make of it
    My only rule is to post lists I genuinely enjoy writing and would like to read myself. Other than that, everyone's "brand" and experience is different. List isn't perfect but it's damn close.
  13. (Sometimes I can feel disillusioned with or overwhelmed by List, sometimes I need to take a break and that's ok too)
  14. List requires more thought and effort than other social media, but it's worth it. ❤️❤️
  15. Oh, and one more thing?
  16. List has loads of kick ass FEMINISTS because GIRL POWER ROCKS