Inspired by @sammmreid
  1. Lianne La Havas
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    I'm seriously in love with this woman. She has one of the best voices in music at the moment and beautiful style
  2. Nadiya from this year's Bake Off
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    Nadiya is now 100% national treasure material. I don't think there's anyone in Britain that doesn't love her.
  3. All the Haim sisters
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    Coolest band around 😎
  4. Brody Dalle
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    Cool when I was a wannabe scene kid, still cool now
  5. Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph
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    Ok I LOVE Tina & Amy and I considered putting them on here, but Kristen & Maya almost edge it for me. If only for the Super Showcase SNL sketch.
  6. Anna Kendrick
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    I feel like she would already be cool enough to hang out in Taylor Swift's squad but I want her for my own. Soz.
  7. Allison Janney
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    Bringing a touch of class to the group
  8. Bethany Cosentino
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    Best Coast 4eva