(Spoilers ahead...duh)
  1. Gossip Girl- Dan is Gossip Girl
    Honestly wtf. There's no way he was gossip girl that whole time. Just stop.
  2. Remember Me - 9/11
    The worst possible ending to that movie
  3. Lost - series finale
    Are you kidding? It was all a dream? Bye.
  4. The Visit - "those aren't your grandparents"
    This whole thing could have easily been avoided if the mom had the sense to actually drop or children off. Or maybe speak to her parents on the phone (after years of no communication) instead of just of Facebook.
  5. Safe Haven - creepy neighbor is actually a ghost wife
    Just wtf. Why?
  6. Sherlock - explanation of faked death
    This is was just so ridiculous and excessive I would rather him have actually died than this trash.