My Weird Phobias

Ever since I have started taking my psychology class and discussing phobias, I tend to make lists in my head of things that genuinely irk me.
  1. The thought of being put in an awkward situation.
    I actually start to freak out whenever I think I could be put in an awkward situation. The overall thought of awkwardness and how I would feel during that time triggers my anxiety. Being in an awkward situation isn't as bad as this. It's such a weird phobia.
  2. The sound of glass breaking.
    I absolutely hate this sound. I came up with this when a salad dish fell from a shelf onto the ground at my job.
  3. Music/TV/Videos being too loud.
    I hate this. I really do. I cannot stand when people show me stuff and it's too damn loud.
  4. People sitting very close to me and my mind paying attention to it.
    Everyday in my English class I have to sit between 2 people at the edge of a table, and it's the worst thing ever. Once I start to realize that I feel crammed, I start to get anxious and I can't stop moving.
  5. Being excessively rude to people.
    I understand if someone irks you, and you do something small in return so they learn their lesson, but creating such a massive inconvenience for someone is not appropriate.