So unnecessary #cityoflines
  1. Halloween store
  2. Warehouse art pop up
    They did hand out Perrier which was nice...
  3. All art stuff
    This city loves art. Or at least pretending, instagramming, and telling everyone they went.
    We gotta eat. And we all gotta eat in the same place.
  5. The dog park
    I don't even have a dog.
  6. Metro
    "I only had to wait for 2 trains before I squeezed on!"
  7. Every bathroom
  8. Accidental club Monaco event
    I just honestly thought it was the line to go in to shop. Apparently not.
  9. My school's elevator
    I don't want to talk about it.
  10. Never the Cronut line
    I've yet to meet a New York resident who's had a Dominique Ansel Cronut.