Celebrities I Am Best Friends With

This is all 100% true and is not at all a delusion I made up in my head.
  1. Mila Kunis
    Although she's 12 years older, we bonded over our Russian/Ukrainian heritage. I babysit her kids and in exchange she hits me up when she needs someone to shop with. She enjoys watching the NFL on Sundays because her husband, Ashton, is a big Bears fan; I come over and we talk about football and life.
  2. Aubrey Plaza
    She's my soulmate. We're both dark and twisted, so together we are everyone's worst nightmare. Sometimes we go to karaoke bars just to make fun of people, but then we end up getting drunk and singing ourselves. She bought me a knife for Christmas.
  3. Miley Cyrus
    We go way back to her Disney days. Although people think she's changed, she's really very much the same. We have movie nights where we chow on ice cream. I eat ice cream and she has vegan ice cream; I tease her about it. Sometimes we have jam sessions together.
  4. Taylor Swift
    I'm probably the most significant member of the squad because I'm on call 24/7 for Taylor's needs. However, I always call her with boy problems and she comforts me, and tells me she's been there before. She invited me to her mansion in Rhode Island for girls weekends where we drink wine and gossip. I am trying to set her up with Drake just so they can break up and both write killer albums. YOURE WELCOME.
  5. Kanye West
    I give him suggestions for his fashion line, and in exchange he gives me free yeezy's. I also write most of his song lyrics in the studio while Kim braids my hair.
  6. Ellen DeGeneres
    She's a hoot. She lets me sit backstage at her show and I harass the guests until she makes me stop. Also, she buys me gifts all the time. She let me see Finding Dory before anyone else.
  7. Justin Bieber
    He's a special type of friend.
  8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson
    I know no one would ever expect us to be friends, but we are. It's a weird friendship; I sit in the middle of their apartment's living room while they dress me in clothes for their latest fashion line. I'm not allowed to speak to them or look them directly in the eyes. But, I grew up admiring them in Full House so it's literally a dream come true!!!