Because I have no shame.
  1. Puking On My Senior Field Trip
    Every year at my high school, the seniors got to go to a Cardinals game. On the bus ride back to school, I started to feel very sick and nauseous...when I knew I was going to throw up, I emptied the contents of my small bag onto my lap, and then puked into my bag, and everyone around me saw. Thankfully no one was a huge asshole about it, but that definitely is a moment I wis I could forget.
  2. Walking Around With My Backside Painted
    Summer 2013. My family vacation was in Captiva Island, Florida. I preceded to find a red chair on the beach to lounge on. After lounging on the chair and tanning for over an hour, I got up and began to walk around and sight see. I caught up with my mom and sister, who were out to eat, and they asked me "why are people pointing and laughing at you?" Confused, I turned around and noticed. My mom then said "Oh my gosh, you're whole backside is painted red!" Turns out the chair was freshly painted.
  3. Scaring An Innocent Lady In An Applebee's Bathroom
    One time after a soccer practice when I was 12, my dad took me and my friends to Applebee's for dinner. My friend Tara went to the restroom, and I thought it would be funny to scare her when she opened the bathroom stall. So I waited outside the stall, and when the door opened, I screamed "BOO!" as loud as I could. However, I screamed in the face of a poor old woman, who looked mortified. I apologized about 45 times, and when she left the bathroom, Tara came out of the other stall laughing. 😐
  4. My Sister Cutting Holes In Her Jeans In The School Bathroom
    My little sister and I were in the same preschool class, &one day I went into the bathroom and found her cutting holes in her jeans with scissors. Mortified, I grabbed the scissors from her and quickly began to think of a way to hide the situation. Before I could, my teacher came in & saw me holding the scissors, and began to accuse me of cutting holes in my sisters jeans. Once my sister & I made it clear that I wasn't the perpetrator, my sister got sent home from school. My class laughed at me.
  5. I Convinced An Entire Group Of People I Was In A Movie.
    When I was 8, a movie entitled"Shiloh", about a dog was being filmed around my neighborhood. One day when I was late to the neighborhood pool, I told everyone I was late because I had been cast in the film more some minor scenes & I had just came from there. Soon, people gathered around to watch me re-enact my scenes. While I was taking in all the glory, my dad heard about the nonsense going on, and came over & made me tell everyone I was lying. I was mortified and didn't show my face for days.
  6. My Little Brother's Friend Saw Me In A Bra
    This happened fairly recently. I was changing in my room, when I heard my sister call my name from the hallway. Moments earlier, my little brother and his friend had been playing in the backyard, so I thought my sister & I were the only ones upstairs, so I didn't care I didn't have a shirt on. I opened the door, & saw my little brother's 10 year old friend standing outside my door. His mouth hung wide open, I stared at him, paralyzed with shock, & then slammed the door. We haven't spoken since.
  7. Hitting Someone's Car In The Starbucks Parking Lot
    A few weeks after I had gotten my license, I wanted to go to Starbucks. It was quite packed, but I found a parking spot not too far away. One of the cars had parked awfully close to the line, but I figured it was fine and pulled into the spot. Of course, I hit the car and immediately backed up. I waited outside by their car for 30 minutes, while people walked by and stared, as I had tears in my eyes. They never came out, so I left a note with my info & drove off. They never called me.