Because I don't like the word "hate".
  1. Stan Kroenke
    He took away my beloved football team, with absolutely no sound reasoning behind his decision. He lied about my city, talked bad about us, never once made an appearance in our community, acted like he cared about us, or even thanked the loyal Rams fans in STL once he moved them. The guys a total asshole.
  2. Dirt Cheap Commericals
    They're too cheesy. They make me cringe.
  3. Dirty Dishes
    I don't know why, but doing dishes makes my skin crawl. That's why I normally wash my plate and silverware right away after I'm done eating.
  4. Math
    Cliche, but math can solve its own problems. I have enough of my own. Plus, why the eff are their now letters in math? Ugh.
  5. Political Ignorance
    Anyone who knows me, knows I know my *ish about politics. I'm a total political junkie. There's nothing that irks me more than hearing someone talk about politics when they know absolutely nothing about it. I think everyone should be politically informed.
  6. Roger Goodell
    He's overstepped his bounds in the football process. Plus, he helped pull some strings for his buddy Stan Kroenke to move the Rams to LA. Eff him.
  7. Cats
    They bother me. Dogs are better.
  8. Chaco's
    If you own a pair of these, we can't be friends. Like seriously? Throw them away for the love of God.
  9. Peanut Butter + Chocolate
    I love these two separately, but mixed together = no go. So gross.
  10. Cool Blue Gatorade= the name
    I have an OCD problem with drinks that have random names like this. Stupid, I know, but how am I supposed to know what "Cool Blue" tastes like. Blueberry? Then name it Blueberry Gatorade, geez. Keep it simple. (I know this ones crazy af)