I'm not a morning person.
  1. It's way too fucking early.
  2. Why do I stay up until 2 when I know I have to wake up at 7?
  3. Why the fuck did I enroll in college. The early mornings aren't worth it.
  4. Should I skip today? Is there anything important going on?
  5. I don't think my teachers will miss me. I usually sit in the back.
  6. Plus if I skip, I can go back to bed....and sleep for the rest of the day....
  7. No, Alexis. Be an adult. Put some fucking clothes on and go to school.
  8. I'm way too lazy to dress nice. Where's my sweats?
  9. I don't even care that I look homeless, maybe I'll start a trend.
  10. Do I have time to get coffee?