Tv Series That Need To Be On Netflix

Netflix, are you listening?
  1. Celebrity Apprentice
    With all the Trump-frenzy going on, I'm seriously missing watching him fire celebrities left and right. Not only is the show highly entertaining, it was also nice to see all the money being raised go to a good cause.
  2. MTV Cribs
    This show GAVE ME LIFE in middle school. Not only do all of the previous seasons need to be on Netflix, the show needs a revival. I'd love to see the inside of Kanye & Kim's house, as well as numerous other celebrities.
  3. Hannah Montana
    Another middle school favorite. I could totally binge watch an entire season of Hannah Montana while drinking wine, eating popcorn and reminiscing on the good old days when Miley was dating Nick Jonas.
  4. Desperate Housewives
    This show USED to be on Netflix, before the gurus over there decided to ruin my life. BRING IT BACK!!!
  5. Big Brother
    One of my favorite reality TV show's EVER. Not many people have heard of it either, so having all the seasons available on Netflix would bring in a larger fan base, because people get learn how the show works. This NEEDS to happen
  6. ALL season of Saturday Night Live
    Although there's probably like a .0001% chance of this happening, it would be awesome if it did. Currently, only the 2010 season is on Netflix. Imagine binge watching 40+ seasons....wonder how long that would take?
  7. 7th Heaven
    Okay, so I have the opportunity to watch all the seasons on Amazon Prime, because I'm a member. But I still think that the show should be on Netflix so a larger audience could enjoy!
  8. Full House
    For the *very few* people who want to watch the series' sequel, "Fuller House", it would be convenient to have the original series on Netflix as well! And, for people like me who have seen every Full House episode about 1000 times, it would be nice to be able to rewatch one of our favorite series over and over again!
  9. Kingdom
    This show is about a family of UFC fighters, and it's oddly addicting. It used to only be on DirectTV, but recently they've moved it to regular. However, it's really hard to catch up to the current season; Netflix is the perfect fix
  10. Sex & The City
    Okay, so I was way too young to watch this show in its prime, but I've heard it's a great show, and I want to watch it! Netflix, PLEASE!
  11. Game of Thrones
    This will probably never happen because it's HBO, but I recently caught up on the entire series using a free trial on HBO GO. However, putting the show on Netflix would make its already huge fan following even BIGGER