Why You Should Respect Me Even Though I'm A Republican

This doesn't apply to everyone, but I am a 20 year old, female Republican and I receive an extreme amount of criticism and bullying for it. Why?
  1. I love my country just as much as you do
    Politics is a difference of mind, not of heart. Just because I have different ideas and ideologies than you doesn't mean I don't have the best interest of our great nation at heart; in fact, quite the opposite
  2. I have every right to believe what I believe, just like you.
    Just because we each believe something different doesn't make one of us right and one of us wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and just because yours is different doesn't mean my opinion is any "less" or "wrong". It just means it's different.
  3. Republicans are not bigoted racists who are all 75+
    There are bad eggs in BOTH parties, and it's a skewed misconception that all republicans are bigots or racists. I can assure you this is completely false and 99.9% of us love all people and are good hearted. Just because some of us believe in a certain set of principles doesn't make us horrible human beings, we simply just follow what we think is right, as do you.
  4. Just because we can be religious doesn't make us bible freaks
    I have a strong, Christian Faith and that doesn't make me anti-gay, anti-drugs or anti-everything. In fact, my faith encourages me to love EVERYONE and not judge. In fact, I support gay marriage and many republicans do. So think twice before making assumptions about someone just because they are a proud Christian.
  5. It is NOT OKAY to judge someone based on their faith
    Many liberals automatically cast off conservative Christians and don't want anything to do with him. How is that okay? Why are we not allowed to believe what we want to, and not be judged for it? We have the right to speak about our faith openly and practice it, just as you have the right to bash it. Religious freedom is a right.
  6. I am just as politically informed as you are
    This doesn't speak for all people, of either party, but just because I am a republican and you aren't doesn't mean that I'm not as politically educated as you. Just because I follow a different political ideology doesn't mean I'm not as smart as you, or as intellectual.
  7. Republicans don't just care about "rich people", and if you think that than you're extremely misinformed
    This is another falsehood preached about republicans. We believe that hard work is to be rewarded and the government shouldn't be taking away most of our earnings from us. A fair, flat tax is something we are totally fine with. To call us evil and money hungry scoundrels is totally an uneducated statement. Republican politicians do many things to help lower income individuals