it finally happened. at 32.5 I think I am finally "adulting"
  1. I pretty much don't need an alarm anymore ⏰
    The sheer fear of things scare me awake. This morning, it was the horror that yesterday was the due date for a credit card, and because I was sick I forgot to pay it. Got up at 5 am just to do that shizz. Opened my tired, could-have-used-an-extra-3-hours-of-sleep eyes because even in my deep peaceful sleep my brain is trying to be responsible.
  2. I give a damn about my credit. 💳
    I TOTALLY wrecked my credit when I was 19. 13 years later I am STILL dealing with the consequences and subsequently busting my hump to make sure I have a number worth bragging about. After becoming a small biz owner I learned not having a favorable score can really throw a wrench in your hustle. Nuthin' like giving the HALF BAKED "f-you, f-you, f-you, your cool, I'm out!!" speech at work and then realizing you are going to kill yourself chasing your dreams because no money and bad credit.
  3. I make a shopping list and somewhat budget. 📝
    "I know baby, I want a dirt bike too, but sometimes mommies and daddies have better ways to spend that money, like on food and utilities..." my husband then proceeded to throw a fit.
  4. My fridge is full of veggies 🍠🍅🍆
    Gone are the days fast fooding it up and chicken fried steak for dinner everynight. (Oh GAWDDD that sounds so good!) The hubby and I have started a family and have 2 effing brilliant kiddos to live better for. To teach them to eat better too. You know what though. Eating Healthier makes you feel healthier... and we'll let's face it, healthy people bone a lot more, so yes, pass kombucha over here show me what your working with.
  5. Gremlin like creatures call me mom. 👹👿=👦👧
    When they grow out of their cute stage, your are left with these... little humans... and you realize you have to teach them, show them and lead them so they can grow to be people that don't suck. Sometimes that means sacrificing the things you want. Kids, mom and dad had to get rid of that Z3 and get something with more room so you could fit. A freaking Focus. Sidenote* busting your hump does eventually payoff and momma got her Toureg. Baby, she goes fast AND there's room for storage.