Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

  1. I'm an Instagram floozy so I post random pics. This was while I was cleaning beans. I'm making Carne Guisada for dinner and can't forget the frijoles.
  2. Boba Fett fire pit my hubby made. He is trying to get used to his new welder. I think he did pretty good. I almost went blind while assisting him while he put the hinges on.
  3. Hubby and our middle child, Zora. She is an attention whore. She is such a regal beast. But such a big baby.
  4. "Shut the Box" a game I recently found and fallen in love with. Great for all ages. Played with the kids to help with math and then after they went to bed on Sunday day, played with adults as a little gambling game. Apparently this game dates back to the 14th century?!