let's face it, unless my kiddo is batting, I could care less what's going on. I'm just not that super into baseball yet. (we are firstimers, he and I) I tend to drift off, and these East Texas convos are great.
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    Guinness cats🐱
    Some lady behind me, her auntie (pronounced aint-y) had a cat so fat that he was in the Guinness book for wrkl, being fat.
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    Did you hear about Bobby Ray? 😷
    He had to get a stint put in, but at 85 he said he "ain't gonna stop living his life" (pronounced lΔ«f)... old geezer told Diane that he wants to go to fishing today and then have his porkchops.
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    The lady in the bedazzled hat (they call that bling here)πŸ‘§πŸ’¬πŸ™†πŸ’¬
    "Look at her, she don't need those nachos. I don't even know why she drinks that Plexus (a direct sales based drink mix that boasts weight loss. It ain't like she's gonna stop eating." Lady in bedazzled hat sits next to other ladies having convo... "heeeeyyyy gurl! Mmm mm! Give me one of them nachos!"
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    The Texas heat
    About every 3 minutes someone will say "sure is hot today" followed by a fodder of heat talk for the next 2 minutes...
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    Ohhh east texas... πŸ’œ